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Safety took center stage for students at Wilson Elementary School in Payson this week.

The Parent Teacher Association committee worked hard teaching the students different ways to stay safe.

"It has been a great week," said Melissa Iverson, the PTA board's vice president over education. "I really feel we have opened the eyes of these students this week and they have learned so many new things."

The week started off with students wearing camouflage clothing or sports-themed jerseys to show their support in being safe on the playground. During the students' lunch times, members of the PTA spent time on the playground with the students asking them ways they can play safe on the playground.

"I can be safe on the playground by not throwing rock chips or pushing other kids," said fourth-grader Sydney Nielson.

After sharing a way to be safe, each student was given a ticket to be entered into a drawing to win a chocolate bar.

Tuesday was Wear Black day. The students were taught about stranger danger and each took home a questionnaire that detailed how students can protect themselves from strangers at home, in the community, on the phone, at the door or with friends. The students were asked to read the questionnaire with their parents and answer the scenario questions, have their parents sign it, and then return it to their teachers for another ticket to enter into the drawing.

"We had quite a few students bring their questionnaires back," Iverson said. "This was a great way for the students to sit down with their parents at home and have an open discussion about safety."

Wednesday morning was Walk to School Safety day. The PTA encouraged the kids to walk to school wearing bright colors so traffic would see them, and to use safe walking routes. Many parents spent the morning walking their children to school, where they were greeted by two Utah County Sheriff's Office deputies. The deputies had their vehicles parked in the front and back of the school, welcoming the students and handing tickets to those who walked that could also be entered into a drawing.

"It was neat to see these officers talking with the students about being safe," Iverson said. "The students seemed to really enjoy it."

"I walked to school with my mom, my friend and her mom," said third-grader Kimberlie Losee. "It was fun for us to show how to use the safety rules and use the crosswalk. We got a ticket from the cop for walking and it was fun."

The students ended their four-day safety week Thursday with White Ribbon day, which represented Internet safety. The students were encouraged to wear white and they spent the morning in an assembly teaching them about being safe on the Internet.

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The guest speaker at the assembly was Barbara Decker, an assigned training representative for Nebo School District. She talked to the students about safe ways to get online and navigate the World Wide Web. Decker discussed the importance of students keeping their profiles, email and gaming accounts safe, and how to stay away from cyber bullying.

"I learned some new things at the assembly today that I didn't already know," said fifth-grader Max Iverson. "My parents have taught me a lot already about being safe on the Internet."

Decker also showed the students video clips on staying safe, which seemed to draw the attention of students young and old.

"We were able to talk about all types of safety with our students this week," said Principal Daryl Fluckiger. "This included playground safety, staying safe with strangers, safely walking to school and Internet safety.

"We finished the week with a great safety assembly, and a big thank you to the Wilson PTA and teachers for making this week a success."

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